All academic PIs involved in the network have been carefully selected. They are experienced and independent researchers with track records of successful student supervision. All the PIs have the capacity, knowledge and expertise to adequately supervise the ESRs in this network. The ESRs will have regular meetings (face to face) with their supervisors, and will interact daily with more experienced researchers in their groups (post-doc, staff). Besides their supervisor at the main host institution, one co-supervisor will be assigned to each ESR. The ESRs will thus receive high-quality training and supervision on various aspects of anti-infective drug discovery.

Prof. Dr. Matthew Groves

Prof. Dr. Wulf Blankenfeldt

Dr. Franck Borel

Prof. Dr. Anna K. H. Hirsch

Prof. Dr. Serge Van Calenbergh

Peter Maas

Prof. Dr. Myriam Seemann

Prof. Dr. Ruth Brenk

Dr. Norbert Reiling

Prof. Dr. Pascal Mäser

Dr. Hannes Hahne