Biweekly blog #38

In September, our doctoral student Patricia Bravo, from the Philippines, tells us about her time at the Research Centre Borstel, Germany.

Annual meeting in Bergen

This week we met in Bergen to share our latest findings and endeavors, learn a bit more about proteomics in a lecture by Dr. Hannes Hahne, CEO at OmicScouts, explore PyMOL’s utilities in a workshop by Dr. Peer Lukat, from the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research and hear about the tools BioSolveIT provides for Drug Discovery by Dr. Alexander Neumann. We were able to thrive in the city’s rainy weather and have a nice hike in one of its mountains. Also, between presentations and in the evening, we had a good time together. #mepantiITN

Biweekly blog #36

Concluding his participation in our blog this year, our doctoral student Victor reflects about his first year as a PhD student.

MepAnti Summer School 2022

Last week we had a wondurful time in Groningen during the MepAnti Summer School about Fragments in Drug Discovery. On behalf of all the participants, we would like to thank everyone involved and of course the University of Groningen for hosting us.
We learned a lot about X-ray and STD-NMR fragment screenings and their analysis from our speakers with an academic and industrial backgrounds. We also had some interesting soft-skills training and great practical sessions. Special thanks to Victor, Matthew, Rick, and Zayana for allowing us to use your laboratory and organizing everything. The week went very smoothly, great job!
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