ESR 3: Lucia D’Auria

Lucia D’auria obtained a bachelor degree in chemistry (2018) and a master degree in chemistry of biological systems(2020), both of them at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” . During her master thesis she worked for one year under the supervision of Beatrice Vallone studying structure-function relationships of a cytochrome P450 specific mutant using biomolecular and biophysical techniques.

In January 2021 she started her PhD under the supervision of Franck Borel at the IBS in Grenoble. Her project is focused on the biophysical characterization using X-rays crystallization of the last two enzymes of the MEP pathway (IspG and IspH) from different organisms (P. aeruginosa, P. falciparum, M. tubercolosis) in order to be able to design and model potential inhibitors of these two enzymes using silico docking analysis and virtual libraries.