Mid-term meeting @ Helmholtz-Institut für Pharmazeutische Forschung Saarland

We were ecstatic to be able to have our MepAnti Mid-Term Meeting in person last week! It was great to finally meet all of our collaborators and be able to exchange recent results and ideas! #mepanti #medchem #antibioticresistance

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Kick-off meeting part II

We are very excited to have had our Mepanti kickoff meeting last Friday. It was great to hear all of the project partners share their expertise and we are eager to make a lasting contribution to the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance and the development of novel anti-infectives! More information about our kick-off meeting can be found at our social media pages.


February 2021 – Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting will be organized online on the fifth of February 2021 by the network coordinator (Prof. Dr. Anna K. H. Hirsch). All ESRs and supervisors will gather to discuss the objectives of the MepAnti project. Each ESR will briefly present his/her research project and every member of the consortium will give a short description of their skills and expertise.